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    Ballet folklorico LEYENDA is a ballet folklorico group that specializes in dances from many different regions of Mexico. Each mexican region features completely different outfits, music and dance style. LEYENDA Dance Company is a research based ballet folklorico group. Our dances are based in ethnological and anthropological studies conducted through multiple travels through Mexico and our interaction with the ethnic groups and master teachers from those areas.

    Ballet folklorico LEYENDA caters to massive media events and theaters around the world. Our ballet folklorico is infused with refinement and stylization to fit into the most demanding scenic shows, world festivals, Hollywood movies or TV Shows. Still, LEYENDA Dance Company manages to capture the original essence of strength, vitality, and intense passion of the mexican dances. LEYENDA dancers push their body to their limit to impress audiences who have nicknamed this group “Anthropology in Motion”. Their intense ballet folklorico performance, and the innovative format of their interactive shows make for an unforgettable impression of mexican dance here in the USA, China, France, Italy, Dubai, and Mexico

    Ballet folklorico LEYENDA has been featured in a documentary of their first dance tour to China 2009 and has appeared on TV more than 28 times in the past 4 years and featured in Newspapers from USA, China and Dubai as well as TV CHANNELS of USA, Asia, India and Dubai. LEYENDA has been awarded multiple times receiving “Artist of the month” “Vision Award” “Image Award” and a Government of LA Commendation amongst others.

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